Statues, The Egyptian Obelisk

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The Egyptian Obelisk.

Only One Piece Available.

A Tapered Monolithic Pillar. Originally erected In pairs at The entrance Of Ancient Egyptian Temples. The Egyptian Obelisk Was carved From a single Piece Of stone, Usually red granite. It was Designed To be Wider At Its square Or Rectangular Base Than At Its Pyramidal Top, Which Was Often Covered with An alloy Of Gold and silver Called Electrum. All Four Sides Of The Obelisk's Shaft Were Embellished Commemorations Of The Lives And Deeds Of The Various rulers Of Egypt. Many Of The Egyptian Obelisks Were Gifted By The Egyptian Governments To Some Other Countries, USA, Italy, France,...

A Beautiful Basalt Stone Obelisk Hand Carved In Egypt For You To Enjoy.

36" Tall      A Square Base 7"



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