Glowing Images on Genuine Papyrus The Weighing Of The Heart

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The Trial " The Weighing Of The Heart"

The most Important Piece presents The Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Weighing the Heart of the Deceased Against The Feather Of Goddess Maat Goddess of Truth and Justice. The person Goes to Heaven to live his  eternal life if His Heart is Lighter than the Feather, Otherwise that Monster Emmit (composed of Hippo, Lion and Crocodile) will Eat the Heart, and the Person's Spirit Will be suffering Forever. There were 42 Questions to be Asked by 12 or 13 gods to the Deceased. Everything Used to be Recorded by Got Thoth. 

The Full Story Will be included with the Piece in Details with Purchasing.

Amazing Hand Painted Art on Genuine Papyrus. Glows in the Dark when Exposed to Light.

Sizes: 16" X 40"


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