Antiques, A 024 Egyptian Antique Tablet God Ptah And Goddess Sekhmet

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A 024

God Ptah And Goddess Sekhmet

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God Ptah, Was The Creator God And Maker Of Things, Also The Nile god, Patron Of Craftsmen, Specially Sculptors. He Was Represented As A Man In Mummy Form, Wearing A Skullcap. Compare His Statue With Hollywood Oscar Statue.

Goddess Sekhmet Was Ancient Egyptian Goddess Of Healing. A woman With A Lioness Head, Her name Meant The Mighty One, As A Goddess Of War Accompanied The King and Soldiers To Battles And Protected Them. She Was Regarded As A Great Magician Who Placed Her Knowled Specially Of Sorcery In The Service Of Healing.

Approximate 9" H, 5.5" W


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