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A 022

The Bird Of Phoenix Tablet

Only One Piece Available

The Ancient Egyptians Associated The Phoenix With Immortality, The Phoenix Was Associated with Worship Of The Sun. It Was Large as an Eagle With Brilliant Scarlet and Gold Plumage And A Melodious Cry. Only One Bird Existed At Any Time, Lived For Minimum 500 Years. At End Of Life It Fashioned A Nest Of Aromatic Boughs And Spices, Set It On fire And Was Consumed In The Flames, The Pyre Sprang A New Phoenix Which Take Its Father Ashes After Embalming In An Egg Of Myrrh, Flew With The Ashes To The Temple Of The Sun God Ra In The City Of The Sun "Heliopolis" where Ashes Deposited On The Alter Of The Temple.

Approximate 9.5" H, 7.5" W


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